vendredi 2 mars 2012

Kded appmenu support (part2)


some changes since last post:
- appmenu support is available (via shortcut) even if window style do not support appmenu button...
- New button style
- Menubar always in window
- Fix mozilla support in kded-appmenu
- Some optimizations

Video on youtube

- Fix accelerators support
- Fix multi clients support in kded-appmenu
- Submit this to reviewboard

10 commentaires:

  1. A little advice, vertical list should also use the plasma style as the horizontal one. I think they should share the exact same code in order to reduce the code to maintain and consistency.

    By the way, does keyboard navigation works? (not only accelerator but also left, right)

    1. Vertical is just a QMenu so there is no code to maintain...

  2. what is the relation of your work to kubuntu's appmenu widget?

    do you know what is stopping this widget from being adopted by upstream, and hence get to distributions other than kubuntu?

    1. Actually, there is copyright issue with plasma-menubar...

      I hope this fixed soon...

  3. i don't like the look of horizontal menu. vertical menu is fine for me.

  4. Is it possible change to old menu button style ?
    I really liked the old style.

    1. Old style problems:
      - Appname in button is a hack
      - Redundancy with window menu (application icon)
      - Displaying "Menu" was quite ugly

      But any style author is free to do what he wants with this part :)

  5. I'm sorry you think that "Menu" was ugly..
    I find it better looking with app icon and text than current button.
    I also find it more intuitive for use than generic button.

    How about leaving options for some user customization (text, icon), without having to change the actual style. Par of KDE philosophy is configurability, while i know it can cause clutter, this would be pretty advanced option so regular users wouldn't be in contact with it.

  6. Hey Cédric,
    I really much like all of your stuff done.
    One question though why did you do the plasmoid kappmenubar,
    when plamsa-widget-menubar for kubuntu already exists?
    Would you write mind contacting me at damianatorrpmATgmail

    Thank you

    1. plasma-widget-menubar is actually no compatible with kded-appmenu, i will release a new version as soon as kded-appmenu is released with KDE.