samedi 18 février 2012

Kde appmenu support

Hello all,

me and Lionel Chauvin are working on bringing appmenu support to KWin.

First, there is kded-appmenu, a kded module needed to enable multiples applications (krunner, kwin, ...) to import menu at the same time.

And then this kde-workspace branch:

Here a video showing how it looks:

We hope this in KDE 4.9.

Here the patch for KDE 4.8:


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  1. Nice!

    Is it possible to search by typing when the menu is being shown?

    1. No, this is krunner job and someone is working on it

  2. This is absolutely crucial for multi-screen setups. Thank you.

  3. Nice :)

    Is it keyboard-navigable?

    I have a small usability concern - while the changing popup position (wherever the mouse is) is nice for the fact that it requires less travel time to activate something via mouse, it visually ties the menu to the wrong context.

    In the first example in the screencast, it looks like it is the menu for the file, and in the second, for plasma.

    If the menu was tied to the window just like when clicking the button, it would provide a valid visual context. The importance of the issue that it is further away from the mouse cursor is diminished by the fact that it is more likely that you'll navigate it via keyboard since that is the way you invoked it.

    It would be nice if you sent an email to Seele (or if we have a usability mailing list) to ask for their opinion.

    Cheerio and keep up with the great work dude,

    1. Ok, will put menu at a fixed position, it will make code simpler :)

      There an issue when button is on right window part: do i have to invert menu order to put file menu near button, any comments ?

      And yes it's keyboard-navigable.

    2. It is still under GPL. Copyright can make future versions non-gpl. This version will *always* be under gpl and forkable with all it's code.

  4. It looks nice, but as Ivan sais, the context awareness is important. Would it also be possible to keep the way it is currently implemented in kwin-style-oxygen-appmenu as an option, this is more consistent with the rest of the menu's that can be summoned.

    Thanks for the great improvements.

  5. Am I the only one who doesn't like fact,
    that some parts of the code our under canonical's copyright?

    I really like the idea of the appmenu and I don't believe that our code shouldn't belong to some company.

    1. We are in discussion with Aurelien Gateau for copyright issue...

      If it fail, we will have to rewrite kded module code...

  6. Just to fix some typos,

    -that some parts of the code *are under canonical's copyright?
    -I don't believe that our code should belong to some company.

  7. *enjoining appmenu under kubuntu/plasma-netbook for over a half of the year

  8. Ubuntu tries to implement something like that(the menu in the title bar), here is some description on how it works in their case:
    Also, may be the menu bar that is integrated into the title bar should also be able to display images, not only a text menu. For example: , , , but that looks like a Custom UI...