mardi 27 novembre 2012

Appmenu support in KDE 4.10

Appmenu support for KDE is now available in master for testing.

This is mostly a Kded module able to:
- Display a top screen menubar

- Display a menu at wanted position

When a user click on kwin application menu button, it just tell to kded-appmenu to show menu for window at position.

At this time, only oxygen support the button but we hope support in Aurorae for KDE > 4.10

To test this, you have to:
- Install appmenu-qt (available in openSUSE, ArchLinux and Kubuntu)
- Setup your menu behaviour in kcm style

After fixing plasma-widget-menubar for using kded-appmenu, next step will be to look at GMenuModel from Canonical and move to this API if possible (already used in Gnome-shell).

Thanks to Lionel Chauvin for first patch version!

Thanks to Thomas Lübking, Martin Gräßlin and Hugo Pereira Da Costa for help!

vendredi 2 mars 2012

Kded appmenu support (part2)


some changes since last post:
- appmenu support is available (via shortcut) even if window style do not support appmenu button...
- New button style
- Menubar always in window
- Fix mozilla support in kded-appmenu
- Some optimizations

Video on youtube

- Fix accelerators support
- Fix multi clients support in kded-appmenu
- Submit this to reviewboard

samedi 18 février 2012

Kde appmenu support

Hello all,

me and Lionel Chauvin are working on bringing appmenu support to KWin.

First, there is kded-appmenu, a kded module needed to enable multiples applications (krunner, kwin, ...) to import menu at the same time.

And then this kde-workspace branch:

Here a video showing how it looks:

We hope this in KDE 4.9.

Here the patch for KDE 4.8: